Broken AC? Don't Sweat It.

Hire us for cooling system repair in Fruita, Grand Junction, CO and surrounding areas

Outside temperatures can skyrocket in the summer months. Don't get caught with stale, stagnant air when you need cooling the most. For professional services you can count on in Fruita & Grand Junction, CO, contact your local cooling system repair experts at Heart "S" HVAC and Ice Machine Cleaning LLC.

We specialize in swamp cooler repair, cleaning and technical services. Rely on us to inspect and repair everything from the filters to the wiring. Call 970-261-6423 today to schedule emergency cooling system repair in the Fruita & Grand Junction, CO areas.

Why is constant air flow important in the summer heat?

Your cooling system does more than simply keep you from sweating. Maintain flowing air in your home or business is important for:

Preventing mold and pathogen growth

constantly flowing air is one of the most effective methods to prevent mold and bacteria from settling and multiplying.

Decreasing allergy and asthma symptoms

dust, pollen and other aggravators will be flushed out with a properly running cooling system.

Dissipating odors

if you cook often or use smelly sprays and glues, circulating air is the best way to ensure odors can't linger.

A properly functioning cooling system will more evenly distribute air and produce cheaper energy bills in the process. Trust us for swamp cooler repair services in Fruita, CO and surrounding areas.