Prevent Dangerous Mold and Bacterial Growth

Rely on us for ice machine cleaning in Fruita, Grand Junction, CO and surrounding areas

Does your restaurant or business own an ice machine? Many people don't realize how quickly these can grow dangerous mold and bacteria. Don't let a dirty ice machine cause harm to your customers and ruin your reputation. Contact Heart "S" HVAC and Ice Machine Cleaning LLC today for effective services in Fruita orĀ Grand Junction, CO.

We're a preferred ice machine cleaning company in the Fruita & Grand Junction, CO areas. Restaurants, convenience stores, nursing homes, hospitals and hotels all rely on our work to keep their machines running clean. Call 970-261-6423 today to schedule ice machine cleaning services in Fruita orĀ Grand Junction, CO.

How do we ensure a completely cleaned and disinfected machine?

A simple soap and water rinse won't always kill all the bacteria or mold in your system. Our ice machine cleaning company will:

Take all the ice out

Run a commercial chemical through the system

Drain and take apart your entire machine

Clean and scrub all the components

Everything is then put back together and given a final rinse. We recommend cleaning every six months at the very least and suggest doing it up to four times a year. Contact us today to ask us about our affordable rates in Fruita & Grand Junction, CO.